Extraordinary Vistas - Words & Music of the MacDowell Colony

Album Notes by Soprano Susan Narucki

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"When I was asked to prepare a recital of works for voice and piano as part of the Colony's centennial celebration, I obtained a list of composers who had been in residence. Looking through the hundreds of names of composers, I found an embarrassment of riches. Curiosity led me to obtain a list of the MacDowell Colony's best writers and I saw that a fascinating history of the sweep and scope of American music and literature was unfolding before me. 

Using the works of the MacDowell colonists, this recording juxtaposes the work of some of the most distinguished American composers and authors; highlighting the diversity of style and developments in language and expression that occurred during the past hundred years. The songs and readings reflect changes of American life throughout the century – our sensibilities, struggles, and explorations for the means to express what is beautiful and true.

Although it can only provide a thumbnail sketch, I hope the program will serve as an introduction to unknown works and a re-acquaintance with some of those voices who contributed so much to the rich and exuberant expression of our century."

– Susan Narucki